Oct 12, 2023

3rd Sep | 12pm to 6pm | EziStreat North Melbourne

Fasten your seatbelts because Melbourne’s culinary scene is about to experience a flavour explosion like never before! Meet the culinary maestro himself, Chef Juanito Berbeo, the brilliant mind and Executive Chef behind the ingenious Berbeo Bros concept. With a culinary journey that spans past gigs at hotspots like Pastuso, Movida, and Rockpool, Chef Juan is here to dish out a mouthwatering adventure that’ll send your taste buds on a rollercoaster ride!

Father’s Day Treat: 1st Beer on us!

We did NOT forget that it will be Father’s Day on 3rd Sep! So dads, the 1st house beer is on us (with any food purchase). AND we’ve got a little something for your little Princes & Princesses too. No promise that it will not cause them to be super happy & might love you just a little more – kidding, not possible!

Colombian Llanera Style BBQ Showdown: ONE DAY only | 3rd Sep | 12-6pm 

Picture this: a sizzling, vertical spit, smoky BBQ cooked for 6 hours that’ll transport you straight to the heart of Colombia’s ranches. Inspired by the Llanero herders who know a thing or two about cattle and culinary artistry. Their cuisine dances around meat, fish, chicken, chiguire, rice, arepas, and more – it’s a carnivore’s dream come true!

Limited-Time PRE-SALE ONLY: Plato De Degustación | $17

Dive into the “Plato De Degustación” a Tasting Plate that brings together a tantalising mix of marinated meats served with home-made pita bread that’s fluffier than a cloud, and a range of condiments. Available for presale only online for $17. Pick up on Sunday 3rd between noon to 6pm.

One Day Only: Ilanera Pita Roll | $17

And for the roll-lovers, we’ve got the “Ilanera Pita Roll” – a joyride of marinated meats, pickled onion, perajo, and the mighty Guisonesa sauce on that legendary homemade pita bread.

One Day Only: Carne a la Llanera | 6 Hrs Slow Cooked | For 2 | $39

Hold onto your taste buds, folks, because this is the grand finale you’ve been waiting for. Introducing the showstopper – “Carne a la Llanera.” It’s not just a dish; it’s an experience! Imagine the juiciest, most succulent meats, like the top-tier marble rating MS9+ beef from Sher Wagyu and pork from Western Plains. These beauties take a plunge into a secret Colombian spice pool of spring onion, capsicum, garlic, bay leaves, thyme, and a splash of lager beer, before slow-dancing on a wood and charcoal stage for a whopping 6 hours.

So, Melbourne, get ready to embark on a taste journey like no other! Berbeo Bros is about to rewrite your flavour story with Chef Juanito Berbeo leading the charge. Whether you’re a foodie, a BBQ enthusiast, or just someone who loves a good time, mark September 3rd on your calendar and prepare to get your taste buds dancing!

Get your GROOVE on: we’ve got it lined-up!

DJ Guaro | 12 noon to 6pm We’ve talking DJ Guaro to smash out tunes for us throughout the event. So get your dancing shoes on & show us how you shake!
Dancer Wendy Nedd | 1pm Ok if anyone has been in the presence of Wendy Nedd, then you’ll know how mesmerising she is to watch!  WARING: You will not resist but smile back at her gorgeous smile!
Eddie Estrad & Band| 3pm Right-O, there is no stopping those legs, hips, feet & arms from grooving to the beats of Eddie & his crew. Just try to resist! 

3rd Sep | 12 noon to 6pm | EziStreat 275 Macaulay Rd, North Melbourne


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